Teach your child the way to go when young…Part 1,(Simple Morals)


Teach a child the way he should go, when he is old he will not depart from it.Proverbs 22:6

The moral decadence of our current youths and some adults of the present age is a result of a terrible upbringing and this has had an adverse effect on society at large.

There are some kinds of stuff that are supposed to be in the foundation of a child in terms of moral upbringing and they will add up to the behaviors.

children and parent

Few among the rest are:-

1- You must as a matter of necessity avoid clearing up anything that your child messes up with. He needs to learn to clear his own messes, else he will grow up believing that others must take responsibility for his responsibilities.

2-You must avoid laughing when your child speaks insulting words to anybody, adults or age-mates,else he will grow up thinking that to disrespect is to entertainment.

3- Avoid letting him take charge of the television else he may stumble on the undue program(s) on TV. He shouldn’t grow up thinking that there is no difference between being a child and being an adult.

4- Avoid as much as possible siding him when he is wrong against the neighbors, his teachers, the police. He will possibly grow up thinking that everything he does is right.

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5-You must not remain insensitive to bad behavior that he can display without scolding him for his bad behavior. He will grow up thinking that there are no rules in our society.

6- Avoid Giving your child everything he asks for, its not everything a child asks that you must give. He will grow up believing that he has the right to get everything he wants.

7- Avoid giving your child every money he asks for, you must make him realize that money is not as easy as he sees. He will grow up thinking that getting money is easy and will not hesitate to steal for it.

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