Oyo State Government needs to take immediate action for our safety. See why?


Since the resumption of the new government in Oyo state, the cleanliness of the state, especially Ibadan city has been one of the priorities of the Engineer Seyi Makinde led government.

It has however been on the track and has been yielding good fruits because so many parts of the largest city in West Africa have remained clean as it was during the last regime if not better.

In other to maintain this cleanliness in Oyo state, no stone should be left unturned because the glory of the latter state must be greater than the former.

While on Gossip business around the city lately, I stumble over an eye sour that I could not behold. and this is enough to dent the good image I have been painting all the while.

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Most underground tunnels are supposed to give access to either Telecommunication reparation, Electrification reparation, or a perfect passage/junction for water convergence from different channels and heads towards major water channels.

However, my experience with this particular one needs the attention of the government, without which epidemic may be a developing embryo. The child that will be given birth to may become uncontrollable.

It was on a street called DRUG STREET in Dugbe, the landmark there is a commercial Bank called Unity Bank on the other side of the road, that is perpendicular to the bank.

To have gotten to this level, the dirt must have been continually stockpiled and it’s now getting to the brim. Any other thing can even be dumped there. After cleaning, it should be covered up. Immediate action is needed.


See pictures and videos below. Check out a more Comprehensive Video here:

Oyo State

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