Meet the World’s oldest prisoner who rejected freedom.


Meet Mr. Joseph Ligon, an American who participated in a robbery scene in Philadelphia when he was 15 years old. Two out of the eight people he robbed and stabbed died and he was arrested, now a prisoner.

He pleaded guilty Ten months later and was sentenced to a life imprisonment.

After 63 years of jail term, he was given an opportunity to be released on parole in 2017. But he has already given up hope on any release because he was initially given a life sentence.

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He, however, refused to take the release on parole. Because he believed he had stayed more than enough years in the prison and he is over-familiar with the environment. Will it be business he wants to do?

Joseph also said that if they want to release him they should do so without any parole or any condition because he has indeed spent all his life in jail and there is nothing more to do outside if he is to be released at all, it should be without condition.

He is now known as the worlds oldest prisoner to be incarcerated as a juvenile and he might as well just die in prison.

He has spent 67 years in jail.

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