Learn these lessons from Baba Ijesha’s assault on the underage, to care for your girl child.

Many Nigerians were shocked to learn that Olarenwaju James, AKA ‘Baba Ijesha,’ a famous Nollywood star, had been arrested by the Lagos State Police Command after being caught sleeping with a teenager.

Preliminary findings revealed that the perpetrator began sleeping with the victim, who is now 14 years old, when she was seven years old, according to the police.

It’s also worth noting that the Police said Baba Ijesha admitted to the crime, which was later verified by video clips taken by a CCTV camera installed in the complainant’s home.

To this end, why many people are still in shock on the incident, it is important that parents learn some vital lessons from the sad incident, in order to prevent their wards from falling victim.

  1. Parents need to be more friendly with their children, as a strict discipline approach, may hinder growing up children to keep issues/secret away from their parents, because of fear that is being instilled in them by this parent’s strictness.
  2. Women should always pay attention to their female children when bathing for them.

It could be said that if the victim’s parents had paid enough attention to the daughter when bathing her, they could have detected the atrocities earlier.

  1. If parents can afford it, installing CCTV cameras should be prioritised in homes, as this enables parents to monitor and analyse events in their homes.

This helped the complainant, as CCTV cameras were said to have captured some moments that serve as evidence against Baba Ijesha.

However, if one could not afford such, it is important that one is receptive to the immediate neighbours, because oftentimes, they usually have information about what is going on in the neighborhood.

  1. Again, it worthy to say that parents should stop entrusting their children to anyone, or even family members, without proper monitoring or vigilance because they assumed the person involved is trustworthy and cannot do any harm to their children, especially the female ones.

Just as any other Nigerian, I was shocked that such a popular figure can be caught in such an ugly act, hence, we all to be careful about who we trust and entrust our children to.

  1. Parenting should not be left for one partner alone, children who receive training and monitoring from both parents, tend to be more protected from such similar occurrences.

Hence, a child’s care shouldn’t be left for the husband alone and vice versa.

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