2 Simple Ways to Fund your Bumpay wallet.

Bumpay is a payment platform as well as a vending platform for products like Airtime & Data.
Utility Bills Like Electricity to all the discos can be paid on Bumpay.
Cable TV subscriptions like DSTV, GOTV & STARTIMES can be paid through this platform for as low as #40. The platform also has a Fund transfer feature, this will enable you to transfer money to and from your wallet to any Bank Account in Nigeria

-Log into Bumpay platform :- CLICK HERE www.bumpay.net

-At the DASHBOARD, Click on the WALLET BUTTON then follow up with the following

For now, There are 2 ways to fund your wallet

1) Online funding through Flutterwave
2) Direct Bank Transfer

1) Online funding through Flutterwave

This is the method where you make use of your Debit and /or Credit Cards to make payment through the payment gateway called FUTTERWAVE. Here you will input all required details of your card and make payment.

NOTE: Non of the details of your cards are retained on Bumpay platform, rather, they are encrypted by the payment gateway company (Flutterwave) according to the Law.

2) Direct Bank Transfer

This is the method of funding whereby you make a Money transfer directly into the Bumpay business account and you will send a text message containing a Cell Number and Email address to the provided cell number and your wallet will be credited immediately.

We made these 2 options available so that each of our customers can choose whichever they will be more convenient with. Now the choice is yours.

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