Persons With Disability Allegedly denied flight by Dana Air. Why?

Dana Air has allegedly discriminated against a passenger, Dr. Chike Okogwu by preventing him from boarding a scheduled flight because of his disability.

It was reported that Dana Air said there is a policy forbidding people with disabilities to board their flight with a wheelchair.

In a tweet by Dr. Chike on Sunday, he said it “is indeed the height of discrimination against persons with disabilities in Nigeria. I booked a 7:20 PM flight from Abuja-Lagos which was rescheduled to 9:05 PM. I got my boarding pass only for Dana Air to say a new policy forbids carrying us with a wheelchair”

“It’s turning bloody here in Abuja Airport. If we die, we die. I say no to discrimination of persons with disabilities in Nigeria”, he added.

However, in order to contain the situation, the security personnel at the airport took Dr. Chike away to their office.

Meanwhile, in a statement he made at FAAN, Directorate of Aviation Security, he said he was disenchanted by the said discriminatory policy and “moved over to the Duty Manager who confirmed same that I cannot board their flight because it was the last night flight.”

Dana Air

Besides, he noted that it was Dana Air who rescheduled his flight and that he further offered to pay an additional fee to men “who would carry me on board as was the practice in all my years of flying DANA”.

Meanwhile, he added that all “entreaties fell on deaf ears” and that his ticket was a business ticket, of which he needed to keep a medical appointment in order to address health-related issues.

“I got enraged by their nonchalance and insensitivity and yes, damaged their counter”, he said, adding that he was peeved because his right was denied as enshrined in the Discrimination Against Persons With Disabilities (Prohibition) Act, 2019.

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