I Am Regretting I Started Inksnation – Founder, Omotade Sparks

The Founder of Inksnation decentralized autonomous organization DAO, Mr Amos Sewanu Omotade Sparks has stormed into regrets over starting Inksnation project in Nigeria.

The inventor of Inksnation, who also doubles as the owner of Ibsmartify Nigeria Popularly Known as Universal Daddy Ink has expressed regrets over the Inksnation project he emanated from Nigeria.

Omotade Spark said he only wanted Nigeria to become the headquarters, thereby hoarding it from other countries where the project could have easily flourished.

Amos Sewanu Omotade Sparks the inventor of the Self acclaimed World’s First Distributed Reserve Cryptocurrency (Pinkoin) explain that Nigeria as a nation does not allow bright ideas to come to fruition and that is why he has suffered so much setback due to attacks from all sectors.

“All this journey I only regret one particular action & I pray for God forgives me. Even Nigeria is no longer safe for our project, we are already repositioning and we will work with only those that work for the good of the project.”

“That thing is, I choose to hoard the project strictly for Nigeria because I wanted the headquarters to remain in Nigeria but now the hoarding has bounced back on me. If this unique & wonderful project came from USA, Switzerland, or China, we won’t have the issues we have today.”

The Inksnation boss went further to state that with the frustration meeted on him by the Nigerian system and factors, he might relocate the headquarters of Inksnation to another country where the project can fly freely.

“The good news is that it’s not too late but I pray I don’t disown this country called Nigeria with the way I’m pained deep down inside me.”

“Inksnation is repositioning herself and her functionality so immediately after december alot of things will change. As local man try to favour him locality & locality dey hostile local man gats go where birds dey fly freely without receiving catapult.”

“Our joy is that nigeria is not the only country on earth.”

InksNation Market/InksMarket

As regards to the upcoming inksnation market/Inksmart schedule to hold for 7 days this December, 2020, Universal Daddy Ink, UDI revealed that reports reaching him only 16 states are ready, and Lagos happens to be number 1 on the list with Rivers state coming through second

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