Vital Information you need to know about Your Blood & Deliverance of the Blood

In his programme, Dr D.K Olukoya G.O Mountain of Fire and Miracle Ministries (MFM) stated the following

Facts about Blood Spiritually

  • Do you know that Blood is a mysterious element of Human life
  • Do you know that your Unknown past can be traced out with your Blood
  • Do you know that Blood is the currency used in spiritual trading?
  • Do you know that a man can die in silence but blood cannot die in silence but will continue to cry for vengeance?
  • Do you know that Blood is a living liquid?
  • Do you know that Blood is one of the mysterious things ever created after Water and Fire?
  • Do you know that every drop of blood has a voice and message?
  • Do you know that ‘Blood’ was mentioned 447 times in 357 verses in the Bible
  • Do you now know that Blood can bring bad luck instead of good luck to you?
  • Do you now know that Blood can be polluted so to make the whole Destiny Polluted?
  • Do you now know that Blood can be your enemy?
  • Do you now know that Blood can be a lawyer hired against you?

Watch this video to see the reasons why your blood needs deliverance and also get delivered by faith. Sexual confusion and pervasion is the first one, the other is Dream of death is another, etc Watch this Video with faith.

God bless you as you take the leap of faith. This Video is by Dr D.K Olukoya- FastForward the video to 15 min

Your faith has made you whole, lets have your testimonies at the comment section. God bless you

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