Joe Biden’s Security Beefed up By Secret Service for Possible Election Victory

Information from The Independent, says the US secret service will strengthen the security of Joe Biden in anticipation of his possible victory in the 2020 presidential election. He could make his official speech in Delaware as of today.

The Secret Service has therefore planned to send reinforcements to Wilmington today Friday, where Joe Biden is preparing to give a speech that could well be that of victory. This additional security does not amount to the full protection of an elected president, but it is nonetheless much more important than the mere protection afforded to a candidate running for the White House.

While Biden is currently on track to achieve the 270 votes of the electoral college needed to run for president, Donald Trump had accused Democrats of trying “to rig the election” and faced with the vehemence of his supporters, the secret services may be right to be cautious.

Voters for the Republican candidate in hundreds demonstrated in front of an Arizona counting centre following accusations of electoral fraud. On the evening of Tuesday, November 3, the Maricopa County polling station had to be closed to media after armed Trump supporters gathered outside.

If Trump refuses to admit his loss to Biden, the Secret Service could choose to maintain the status quo by protecting the two candidates while a Supreme Court investigation determines the viability of election, or not.

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