Do you recognize this Rich indigenous leader in Abuja?

For those that don’t know him this was the video that further unveiled him after former Governor of Edo State, Adams Oshiomhole was relieved of the position of APC Chairman earlier in the year.

Video source:- Nairaland

Check out the latest about him below that was discovered that will surprise you if what I see and sense that picture in the picture is anything to go by.

As a youth, I want to ride on a porch car that I can work for too. What is your advice for me? As a graduate can I work very hard to get me one in our present society if I am not connected to the River source?

Are you thinking of what I am thinking?

Remember A Motor is quite different from A CAR.😅😂🤣😁. Please advise me in the comment section below.

Rich guy
Picture courtesy Twitter

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Richard S.B
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