How I almost Paid #200,000 for Kissing in the Car-Victim writes.(18+)

My boyfriend and I are waiting for his brother in stadium surulere on a weekday after work around 7:30 pm in his car. We got carried away kissing(nothing more than that) and the SARS came and started banging the door with guns and torchlight.

Thank God he quickly called his brother in case anything happens cos we weren’t sure who they are at first. We came down and they got into the driver side while he was with them , they took me in their own small yellow bus and started calling me ashawo and so on. We got to the station on stadium bustop. I couldn’t see my boyfriend again.

The man who is interrogating me told me to write statements, as I wrote what he said..he will dictate what I’ll write and I should comply or he’ll slap me. His statement was he caught us having sex in the car when I knew it was against the law. I said sir, we weren’t having sex and obviously didn’t know having a passionate kiss is a crime in a car that is packed right in the centre of a car park where there’s light and activities is a crime. He said I’m speaking English I should write what he said. I had to write .

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He collected my phone and started searching my bag. Took some money and said he’ll return it when they release me. All that time I didn’t know where my boyfriend was. Cos where the man took me was a dark abandoned boys quarters. He said he wants to search me if I have any other phones with me cos I’m going into a cell. He was about fondling my breast and I asked oga what are you doing. At that time he was called by the other SARS who brought us in. Thats when I saw my boyfriend.

Thankfully his brother came after he had been going to different stations until he found us. He bribed his way in cos they told him we weren’t there. He insisted and settled them until they let him see us. They demanded for 200k but we ended up paying 50k cos thats all we have on us. Those who learnt about this experience said we were lucky. If we hadn’t called anyone they will make sure we look for 200k if we didn’t they might kill us and no one will know.

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