I Want The Hands of Corrupt Politicians Cut

Senator Smart Adeyemi from Kogi West set to introduce a bill, saying no one will steal if hands are cut off.

The senator said the law will encourage people to stop stealing public funds. According to him, if the hands of public officers in the country are cut off, they will not steal again.

Senator Smart Adeyemi made his intention known on Saturday, October 3, at a retreat for the senate press corps in Lokoja, Kogi state, According to our reporters.

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The lawmaker said if few people are made scapegoats, others will learn, and stealing will be a thing of the past. He stated:

“What am I talking about? Let us confront corruption. Very soon I’m coming back to the chamber to bring bills on ICPC and EFCC. I want us to introduce Mosaic law, what you call Sharia law. By the time you cut the hands of 10, 20 people in this country, nobody will want to steal again.

“By the time you say two, three people should face serious punishment; if you say that is too harsh let us have mechanised agriculture of about 200, 250 acres, once you are involved in corruption, you will spend your life farming for us.”

Adeyemi said he wants Nigeria to be great again, and be made a country that will make his children happier than they are now.

The current administration led by President Muhammadu Buhari is committed to curbing corruption, which has eaten deep into our system.

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