Baby Factory Workers Allegedly Attacked Uniform Men in Imo State


A suspected baby factory in In  Umuocha community has reportedly attacked policemen who stormed the facility while trailing a man who allegedly stole a baby from its mother at gunpoint. Umuocha community is in Oguta Local council of Imo state

 The police were trailing a baby thief who ran into a hospital. On arrival at the facility, the police uncovered children and expectant mothers “apparently the ones used for child trafficking by the suspects”.

The police became suspicious and interviewed a few people, only to discover that the owner of the hospital is one Innocent Onuoha. and also got to know the activities in the facility.

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The man allegedly mobilized the youths of the village, that surrounded the building, demobilized the police vehicle and attacked the four policemen with different weapons, and inflicting various degrees of injuries on them. It took the intervention of the member of the House of Representatives, Oguta State constituency, Frank Ugboma, to escape being lynched.

The Nation reported that Ugboma said; “The policemen told me that immediately they stormed the illegal baby factory disguised as a hospital, the owner raised the alarm and the youths came out and started resisting the police from arresting the man. They overpowered the policemen and destroyed their vehicle that night while the policemen managed to escape”.

The Owner of the Factory was arrested, but was released by the youths forcefully while a police inspector sustained serious injuries.

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