Bolt’s Electric Bike Transport Services: How penetrable is the Nigerian Market?


As Bolt already has 30 million users in more than 35 countries of the world and has It operates a scooter service along with other services like Cab’s in 21 cities around Europe, the company is trying to find another revenue stream by launching electric bikes in Paris and perhaps some other countries of the world.

Electric Bike, the new Innovation in Transport services sector

Bolt formerly called (Taxify), In Nigeria, among other corporate cab services like Uber, Oride, etc, Bolt has been successful despite its expensive services.

With the Covid-19 pandemic in our new world, only the innovating mind will thrive. which is one of the reasons Bolt has join the likes of others like  Vélib,, Obike, Ofo, Mobike to launch Bike services.

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Will this thrive in Nigeria if it arrives? Nigerians being the largest economy in West Africa are known to embrace any innovation that comes from abroad into all spheres of our lives.

What strategy will Bolt use to drive this innovation into our system? I am sure there is going to be a lot of Challenges with our kind of society being a developing Nation. But being as it may, there will always be a solution to every problem.

Will this Electric Bike service comes as a corporate ride service into Nigeria Business environment finding its way to replacing Okada in Lagos from the corporate angle as Okada has been ban in certain areas in the state.

What do you think?

Do you see Business opportunity when it arrives?

Lets deliberate at the comment section below.

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  1. I think its an opportunity to ride with the latest innovation, Electric bicycle will not use Fuel to function i think and that will be at a cheaper price. na to get into business with them

  2. Awesome! But I’m not sure if Nigeria will look that way. Unless they will make it cheaper as Opay did, you know we Nigerian we like anything call awoof, lolz. But let’s wait for their strategy first.
    Thanks for the update.

  3. It’s going to be great. But it is still a future tool for Nigeria. There is still a lot to put in place as far Nigeria is concerned


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