Consider This When Weaning your babies: Very Important!

A weaning baby is a child that is getting accustomed to the process of having foods other than mother’s milk. You must know what foods to give your baby as he grows.

Weaning usually starts when the first semi-solid food is introduced to the diet of the baby. This process is also called “complementary feeding”. The baby weaning age is around six months. Until then, the baby gets all the nutrients and energy from the mother’s breast milk, which protects the baby by strengthening his immune system and protecting him from illness and infection.

These are signs that Indicate Readiness to Start Weaning Baby

Remember that the baby should be given only breast milk or formula till he is six months old. The process of weaning the baby off breastfeeding should be gradual. You must watch out for the signs which indicate that the baby is ready to start weaning. These include the following:

  • rolling over
  • holding head upright
  • sitting up independently with back support
  • development of hand-eye coordination
  • persisting hunger even after feeding
  • thumb sucking at night

These actions require more energy, thereby increasing the baby’s appetite.

A sudden increase in appetite can also be due to a growth spurt. In such cases, do not start the process of weaning immediately. Most likely, the appetite of the baby may return to normal very quickly.

However, weaning babies is a personal decision and determination, as it will give the mother a lot of relief. the mother will be able to attend to so many other things that have been left unattended.

Your child will need some nutritious formula that will help the growth while we are trying to wean the baby and this will not allow the baby to miss as much nutrient he was getting from the breast milk.

Precautions When Weaning Your Child from Breastfeeding

Weaning the baby off formula or breast milk can be a tricky process. Every child is different and needs to be treated differently when it comes to weaning. Some babies may wean earlier than others, while the process of weaning might be abrupt in others. Weaning a baby off breast milk can lead to engorgement and discomfort for the mother. This can be reduced by feeding breast milk to the baby in a mug until your child has reduced breast milk consumption. In addition, ensure that:

  • The food given is of smooth texture, and does not contain any chunks. Chunks can cause choking in a baby who has not learnt to chew his food before swallowing.
  • Instead of giving the baby a bottle to suck on, try using a spoon or a free flow beaker. This will also help prevent tooth decay.
  • The food is cooled to room temperature.

In addition to these precautions, understand what food is healthy and what food can be dangerous. Read on for information on what the right and wrong foods for a 6-month-old baby are.

A Proper Baby Weaning Food

Food made at home is recommended over canned options. In case you are buying packaged food, make sure you avoid ones that have too many preservatives, added sugars, and sweetening syrups. Baked savoury items are best avoided, too!.

Tom Brown is a thick mixture of Yellow corn, Millet, Groundnut (peanuts) and Soya Beans (legumes) with the addition of Crayfish for Babies. The mixture of these cereals and grains gives a nutritional food product that enriches and nourishes the body. it’s a meal that is essential for babies if you want to wean them and want them to look well-fed after breast milk. Good nutrition during the first 2 years of life is vital for healthy growth and development.
1) High-fibre content helps in reducing cholesterol levels and improves bowel issues like constipation.
2) The soya beans provide protein, minerals and vitamins needed by the body to reduce chronic diseases.
3) The peanuts present are rich in magnesium
, potassium etc. and are full of nutrients and low in carbohydrates.
4) It helps in controlling diabetes in adults.
5) It serves as energy boosters required by the body.
6) Enhances and boosts the health of the eyes because of the vitamins and minerals that are present.

Advantages for Children
Tom Brown is a perfect food to wean your baby with
It’s nutritious and filling

The cereals and legumes add a variety of nutrients beneficial to the baby’s good health
For more weight gain in children

This Tom Brown formula has been embraced both in Nigeria and Abroad, give it a trial.

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